Eliza Hamrick for Colorado House

District 61

Eliza for Colorado — Campaign Kickoff

I am Eliza Hamrick, and I am running to be your Colorado State Representative in House District 61. After a career teaching history and government to our local high school students and advocating for our schools, our families, and our community, it is time to bring my dedication and experience to our state house.

Team Eliza has knocked on more than 30,000 doors and interacted with more than 43,000 voters this year, speaking with scores of you about YOUR vision for HD 61.

I will continue this outreach when I’m your State Representative, and I look forward to bringing your concerns to the Capitol.

Eliza Hamrick

Eliza for Colorado HD61 is proud to be a PWG Certified Campaign, and to be recognized for fair treatment and competitive compensation for our staff.Logo for Political Workers Guild